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London Seminar Series

About the seminar

This Seminar has been brought up to date since the last Edition in 2019. Speakers will review and discuss many of the current issues which affect the design, implementation, operation and marketing of Zones throughout the world.

The challenges are even greater in all world economies but Zones are continuing to impress with their growth. Nevertheless even countries and regions which have created successful programmes need to constantly assess their development and to make changes now, rather than later.

Despite the great variety in Zones, as well as their position and profile in the investment climate of a particular geographic entity there are some unifying factors which influence success. The current trade climate is not helping global economies as corporates struggle to find a way to continue development with less risk. Strategy and capability go hand in hand and this seminar will offer participants the opportunity to cut to the heart of the decision-making processes which will eventually impact them and what they have to offer.

Throughout the two days reference will be made to technology advances including Industry 4.0: Robotics and A1, Data centres, using technology for Target Sector Identification of prospects, Supply Chain/Blockchain and also Fintech opportunities.