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Event:2 Day Training Course
  A fresh perspective on FDI, Supply Chain Security andd Trade Facilitation
Date:Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th June 2012
Venue:Al Murooj Rotana Hotel, Dubai, UAE

    Why attend
This practical programme will consist of a Two Day Training Course which is split into two Sessions on Day Two (Course A and Course B).
This workshop will provide valuable advice and ideas to participants from around the world, be they zone authorities/operators, customs officials, potential donors or zone companies. The Courses have been designed to highlight the most recent developments in order to assist participants ensure that their Risk Assessment and Management programmes can fulfil their strategic objectives in the global economy.

Foreign Direct Investment is increasingly and inextricably linked to the growth of global supply chains. These in turn are vulnerable to many forms of risk including political instability, environmental threats, illicit trade and financial impropriety.
There is ever-increasing competition amongst places seeking to attract investment; the number of IPAs has doubled over the last 10 years. Many of their budgets have been cut as a result of the crisis; at the same time, stakeholder expectations have increased; more is expected for less. Against this background, zones and others seeking to attract investment have to respond in order to meet these challenges. They need to respond quickly and decisively. They have to make it easier for investors to say ‘’yes’’. A change of structures, strategies……and mind-sets may be required. One thing is clear in the current environment: doing nothing is not an option.

Day One of the course will review the current investment climate, current risk assessment & management techniques and tools both for investment projects and supply chains. The presenters will look to future trends and participants will learn how to incorporate “risk” into their strategies and operations.

Day Two participants may choose one of two options:

    Overview of Timetable
10th June 2012Arrive in Dubai − Welcome Drinks
11th June 2012Training Course Day One
12th June 2012Training Course Day Two
 Presentation of Certificates of Completion

    Outline Cource Programme
Sunday 10th June - Check into Hotel          19.00 to 20.30 Welcome Drinks

DAY ONE - Monday 11th June 2012   ( for all participants)
Opening by WFZC 09.30 - 09.40

Morning Session 09.40 - 13.00

    FDI, Risk Assessment and Management
Presentation by    Mr Clive Vokes
  • The world of FDI attraction is going through a period of tremendous change. The Financial Crisis has hit global investment levels; internationalisation for most companies is as much about risk-management as it is about growth; location strategies and investment patterns are changing as markets and supply chains are being reconfigured.

  • The rapid rise of global ‘micro multinationals’ is changing the dynamics of the investment promotion market; these fast-growth companies are defined not by their size but by their global orientation, their international reach and their speed of establishment. They are demanding and discerning; require customised services from investment promotion agencies; these services have to be specific to their needs and they want these services delivered in ‘real-time’ using contemporary tools – otherwise they go elsewhere.
    Managing Risk Today
Presentation by    Mr Juha Hintsa and Dr. Luca Urciuoli
    Identification and avoidance of risk; Provision for post-event recovery initiatives. International Risk Management Standards; Expropriation, freezing of assets; Proof of due diligence
    1. Risk assessment
    2. Impact analysis
    3. Emergency plans
Afternoon Session 14.30 - 17.30

    Global update on Security Management in the Supply Chain context
Presentation by    Mr Juha Hintsa and Dr. Luca Urciuoli
    The problem of illicit trade flows; Supply chain crime typology; Common governmental approaches to supply chain security; Customs risk management; World Customs Organizations SAFE Framework of Standards (WCO SAFE); Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) programs; Mutual recognition status; ISO 28000 series for managing security in supply chains.
DAY TWO- Tuesday 12th June 2012

Option A
Morning Session 09.30 - 13.00
    The impact on global trade of European supply chain security
Presentation by    Mr Juha Hintsa and Dr. Luca Urciuoli
    European Union Authorized Economic Operator (EU AEO) program; Latest developments in air cargo security; European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) activities in supply chain security; Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) key initiatives in Europe; Supply chain security research and development activities within the EU Seventh Framework Program (FP7); Country case study - supply chain security in Sweden.
Afternoon Session 14.00 - 17.00
    New approaches and future trends in fight against all illicit activities in global supply chains
    Emerging management models and metric frameworks for enhanced security management; New public-private partnership approaches; Research and development project: FP7-CASSANDRA “Common assessment and analysis of risk in global supply chains”.

Option B
Presentation by    Mr Clive Vokes

Morning Session 09.30 - 13.00
    Principles governing FDI risks; Setting and achieving objectives; managing the expectations of stakeholders; techniques to achieve targets effectively.
    • The characteristics of successful locations
    • What investors need and what they want
Afternoon Session 14.00 - 17.00
    • Creating a new model for FDI attraction
    • Measuring success
    The 4 sessions will be interactive based on presentations followed by ‘breakout’ discussion groups with feedback to the wider group. The goal is to help delegates not just to understand the current FDI market but to participate more effectively and to thrive in it.

Time has been allowed for delegates' questions and discussion throughout the programme

   Training Course Presenters

Clive Vokes Mr Clive Vokes − Founding Director, Market Scoping International, Cardiff - United Kingdom

Market Scoping International (see below) was established in 1995. Clive is the former European Director of the Welsh Development Agency (WDA) and was also, for several years, European Business Development Director of Ladbroke International/Hilton International in Brussels.

The WDA succeeded in attracting over 40% of all Japanese investment coming into Europe ; it was also one of the top 3 destinations for American and European investment. During this period that Clive was European Director Wales attracted almost US$4 billion of FDI. This was a substantial achievement for a small country. At the WDA Clive was also responsible for EU programmes and funding. He was Chairman of the Wales Euro Info Centre.

Clive is an experienced practitioner with an extensive network of corporate and institutional contacts throughout the World. His work within the areas of business location strategy, international trade and economic development has been showcased by CNBC TV and at conferences organised by the United Nations, World Bank, Financial Times , and the OECD. He is the author of the guide 'Attracting foreign direct investment to your region’ (ISBN 91-630-4897-3), which was published by Invest in Sweden Agency. He is the co-author of the ‘Investment Policy Review’ of the Dominican Republic published in Spanish and English and the ‘Examen de la politique de l’investissement au Maroc’, published in French and English. He was a contributor to ‘Allt kan bli bättre’ (everything can be better), published in Swedish.

Clive is an experienced coach, trainer and mentor and has delivered over 200 capacity-building workshops and retreats across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He is an adviser to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Investment (UNCTAD) and has carried out strategic reviews on their behalf. He is a consultant to the European Commission and has recently completed a number of assignments across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific.

Clive helps countries to develop and implement new growth strategies. He has specific expertise in developing strategies to attract investment and in building platforms, which help companies and countries to grow and to compete internationally. Clive is deeply involved in the development of the next generation (3G) growth model for companies and countries (see below). He speaks English, German and French.

Market Scoping International (MSI) has worked since 1995 with countries, regions and cities around the World to help them to attract investment. They are also consultants to the United Nations, the European Commission and the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies. They are authors of the guide ‘Attracting foreign direct investment to your region’ and are joint authors with the United Nations of a number of Investment Policy Reviews.

Market Scoping specialise in designing, creating and implementing new investment promotion platforms and models. They have now developed the 3G (Third Generation) model as a practical response to today’s market conditions. 3G addresses the challenges described above; it is a contemporary platform for growth which can help countries, regions and cities to benefit from the considerable opportunities to attract more investment as we emerge from the Financial Crisis.

Juha Hintsa Dr Juha Hintsa − Senior Researcher & CBRA Chairman, Supply chain security and Customs Risk Management, Cross-border Research Association, CBRA-BMT, Lausanne - Switzerland

Juha holds a doctorate of management degree from the Business School of University of Lausanne in Switzerland (HEC UNIL). He specializes in supply chain security research, looking at the various challenges and complexities between the private and public sector actors, security policies, programmes and standards.

Dr. Hintsa has over 20 journal and conference publications and book contributions in the topic, and is a regular speaker and guest lecturer at related events world wide. He is active in multiple European research and standardisation projects, including Framework Program 7 (FP7) and European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).

Dr. Hintsa is also a member of Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA EMEA) regulatory affairs working group; Partnership in Customs Academic Research and Development (PICARD) advisory group for the World Customs Organization (WCO); and editorial board member for the Journal of Transport Security and the World Customs Journal.

Luca Urciuoli Dr Luca Urciuoli − Research Director, Cross-border Research Association, Lausanne - Switzerland

Dr Luca Urciuoli has a Master of science degree in Industrial Engineering, from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, and a Doctorate in transportation security from the Engineering University of Lund, Sweden.

He has been working at the research unit of the Volvo group as a project manager developing telematics services in the areas of transport and logistics optimization, security, and up-time management and diagnostics. At the University of Lund he has been responsible for the course in International physical distribution and has published diverse transport safety and security articles in conference proceedings and scientific journals.

Since 2010, Dr. Urciuoli works as the research director of Cross-border Research Association (CBRA) focusing on the topics of customs and supply chain security, as well as supply chain visibility. At CBRA his work includes supply chain security guidebook development for European Committee of Standardization (CEN), as well as driver security guideline development for a leading European commercial vehicle manufacturer.

He has also worked with European FP7 research projects including LOGSEC -EU supply chain security roadmap; INTEGRITY -evaluation of a data sharing platform to improve supply chain security and visibility; and CASSANDRA -development of a risk based approach and cost-benefits analysis to evaluate new innovations for supply chain efficiency and security.

   Who should attend

  • Free Zone Authorities and Operators (Public and Private)
  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Transnational and Domestic Companies already operating in Zones
  • Single Zone Companies
  • Logistic companies and freight forwarders
  • Customs Authorities
  • IT Solutions specialists and Site Location consultants
  • Development banks, agencies and donors

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received in writing 21 days prior to the event and will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee unless a substitute delegate is nominated. If less than 21 days notice is given no refunds will be available, however substitutions will still be accepted. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the content and timing of the programme, or any other aspect of the event, when unavoidable. Our liability in the unlikely event of a cancellation will be limited to a refund of the full conference fee.

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